Payment options

There are 1 payment option in Øster Hurup Legeland. You pay 100 kr. per child per visit or you get an access card so you can use Øster Hurup Legeland freely.

It is up to you if it is mom, dad, granddad, or the neighbour who takes the children to Øster Hurup Legeland. It is possible to pay with cash in the weekend.

If you wish to pay per visit, use the pay station by the entrance.

When you pay for a child two adults can enter for free. The pay station only accepts bills. On the pay station you press the number of paying guests there are, for example 2, put in 200 kr., and press 2 again. Then the door will unlock and can be opened.

Øster Hurup Legeland

Daily price

For all children between the age of 1 and 15. Adults are free however maximum 2 adults per Child. if more than 2 adults the price is 100 kr. per person.

Per child 100 kr. per visit
Remember bills for the pay station