Prices and rules for entrance cards

All children between the age of 1 and 15 can have an entrance card to Øster Hurup Legeland. You can draw up an entrance card here on the webpage or you can fill out an entrance card form in Øster Hurup Legeland.
If you send your information to Øster Hurup Legeland through the webpage we will draw up the entrance card so that it is ready when you arrive.
With an entrance card you can visit Øster Hurup Legeland as often as you wish to. It is up to you if mom, dad, granddad, or friends will bring the children to Øster Hurup Legeland.
If you lose your entrance card a new one will cost 50kr.
Remember that only the children that the entrance card belongs to can enter with the card. If the children bring a friend then the child must be paid for. You can of course bring others’ children if they have an entrance card.
The entrance card must be brought along and be registered in the card reader. If you bring a child that is not paid for in the pay station or does not have an entrance card you will have to pay a fine of 500kr.
Do you wish to cancel your card you can do the following.
To cancel, put a piece of paper in our mailbox, write resignation, name, date, and customer number (given on the entrance card) on the paper, then we will delete the subscription. At the earliest, you can cancel your membership in the month after the month you signed up, and after this the current month + 1 month. For example, if you cancel your membership January 20th the last withdrawal on your account will be February 1st and you can then visit Øster Hurup Legeland all of February. Signing up for a membership again costs 100kr. per family.

Entrance card

All children between the age of 1 and 15 can have an entrance card. RIGHT NOW REGISTRATION AND ENTRANCE CARDS ARE FREE.

Price for 1 child 75 kr. a month
Price for 2 children 125 kr. a month
Price for 3 children 150 kr. a month
Price for 4 children 175 kr. a month
Price for 5 children 200 kr. a month
Adults Free